Summer rush of cooling service

There are a lot of home maintenance necessities that require lots of pre-planning and dutiful scheduling.  For instance, if you know that the outside of your home is going to need another coat of paint before the end of the year, you really don’t want to wait until October to do it, let alone in any of the many following weeks.  That is unless you want to struggle with your paint bucket freezing after moments after cracking the lid open. But the snow and cold outdoor surfaces would hopefully deter you before even getting somewhere close to opening a can of paint in the middle of the winter time while outside.  Likewise, if you know you haven’t had a maintenance appointment on your HVAC system in awhile, your best bet is to get it done ahead of the summer to beat the rush and the increase in prices. No matter where you live, air conditioners of all kinds are used more often in the summer months than at any other time of the year.  This spike is A/C Usage also means more breakdowns, repairs, and full plan replacements. The HVAC businesses are taxed with more buyers so their availability is vastly reduced and the price of even normal services like basic maintenance calls increase by a lot. I decided to beat the summer rush this year and get our HVAC checked up in mid April, weeks ahead of the first summer heat waves.  It’s a great thing I scheduled up our maintenance appointment when I did because I ended up needing to replace my entire condenser outside. If I had tried to do this in mid July, I might have been stuck for a month or two without air conditioning while waiting on our HVAC contractor to return with the appropriate part ready to do the repair.

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