An ancient home

Playing soccer in the tepid sunlight takes a big strain on me. I am not able to handle it when it comes to being super hot. I was born and raised in the colder states, and I have only been living down here in the hot states for about a year and I can’t get used to it! Living up in the colder states, I had never even lived in a beach house that had an a/c plan. The crew of us just simply had no need for any type of AC, all the people I was with and I had in our ancient beach house was a heated gas furnace and that’s about all. I love to go outside and play soccer each day, and I don’t know how people do it down in the south. I get so warm whenever I go to play soccer. Most of the times I can’t even make it half a workout until I am way too hot to kick the ball around anymore. Most of the time going back to the house and lounging in the a/c component is the thing I look forward to at these work out times, however sadly for me our a/c component does not seem to be even willing to turn on for me anymore. I have absolutely no clue on how to repair it and I don’t even know of any closeby Heating and Air Conditioning service companies that could help me with this issue. Perhaps I am just not meant to be a person down in the south. Maybe i need to retire back north in the cold since I know how to handle that.