Needing AC for the first time:

I have never been a big fan of the rain, which was unfortunate for myself and others because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Naturally, that part of the country is gorgeous, no doubt, but it also tends to rain about half the time. That is not a joke either. Last year it rained 180 afternoons out of 365, which is a heck of a lot of rain. When I finally  got old enough for school I moved away, far away, to a locale in the middle of the country where it didn’t rain honestly often at all. What I failed to realize though was that all that rain had a natural cooling effect on the area. So then, in all those years I lived there, hating the rain, I never once had used an air conditioning system, because it never really got that hot. In the dry, arid flatlands rain was precious plus it regularly felt just like someone had left an oil furnace running nearby. I found myself missing the rains, because here I regularly felt trapped indoors, protected by the cooling embrace of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. While I never thought I would miss my old hometown at all, I realized that a lot of rain was honestly much more preferable to a lot of excess heating plus humidity in the air. When I finally graduated from school I moved back to where I came from. As well, to be truly honest, I haven’t needed to use an air conditioner since I returned. I don’t even need to use the A/C in my automobile at all, which tells you a lot about how temperate the air is around here.

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