The apartment downstairs

My Dad is such a weird as well as funny woman – I would prefer to think about all the cockadoo things she gets into every afternoon, if it wasn’t so concerning at times, she’s always busy, always up to something new, always dreaming up some resourceful solution to a problem, that’s why she’s currently turning her basement into a separate lake house right now. She has decided that instead of selling her soul to another job that she hated following a layoff, she’s made up her mind that she will rent out her basement to a renter for extra cash. If she has someone to contribute to the mortgage as well as utility bills each month, there won’t be so much pressure to find a certain salary as well as keep the heat on. Therefore, she’s been renovating her large, dark basement for some time now. I believe it’s an okay method except for 1 thing – who on earth would want to live in a cold, damp basement in the midwest? It’s already brutally chilly as well as blustery there for more than half the year, and living on the top floor of lake house buildings, I still couldn’t get enough heat pumped into our residences to be comfortable without paying through the nose for utility bills. Thinking about living in a cold, damp basement while the people I was with and I were in the chilly winters sounds love it would be impossible to ever assume warm. It will just be fighting nature with artificial air, which inevitably will lead to disaster. I imagine that this renter will really end up costing our Dad more cash just trying to get enough heat in the basement as well as replacing the entire oil furnace once it gives up.

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