Can’t believe sibling didn’t know about air filters

I think something went wrong between my brothers and I. What I mean by that is, somewhere in between my mother birthing my siblings and myself, something drastically changed. While I’m a perfectionist with endless motivation and a great deal of common sense, they are both… different. They have had a hard time with life so far, since they seem to lack the basic functionality required to be an adult human. Neither one of them is great at holding down a job, keeping relationships alive, or having their own place to live. Instead, they both succeed at mooching off my mother and doing nothing for themselves. Which is why I should not have had any surprise when I heard that my sister almost burnt her house down last week thanks to poor HVAC maintenance. I know, I know, how was she ever put in charge of the heating and cooling system? I have no idea, but clearly her roommate did not realize what sort of bimbo they were handing massive responsibility to. Long story short, she never had the central heating system professionally serviced. After about two years of complete ignorance, the furnace got backed up and caught fire one day thanks to a completely jammed air filter. The old air filter was literally black and gray with debris, and there’s no way any air flow was passing through the disgusting old mess. When I asked my sister how she could let this happen to her air filter, she simply replied “What air filter?” I should honestly expect no less.

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