Central cooling device

I remember being about ten years old, and my parents were telling me that our new home was going to have central A/C. Even at 10, I didn’t really understand why that was better than having an air conditioner that was locked into place in a window. It  wasn’t until we moved into that home that I really understood what made central air conditioner so special! It was a world of difference compared to what I knew, and with the outdated window-mounted air conditioner, the cool air came into the home from one point, which was in the living room. That was alright if all of us were in the living room at the time. All the other rooms in the home would remain hot and stuffy unless a window was opened. Plus, the window-mounted air conditioner only provided air conditioning to our home, so we had to rely on an outdated brick fireplace to heat the home up during the winter! The novelty of a fireplace really wears off when everyone has to sleep in the living room just to keep warm. With this picture in mind, it’s easy to see why I was so happy about the central A/C in our new home! I’d never felt air circulation like this before, since my friend’s homes all had window A/C units like mine did. It was weird to get used to the ventilation points in all the rooms, and realizing that there were long ducts for the air to circulate through the house, and to my surprise was the realization that the oil furnace at this home was an oil gas furnace, which used the same ducts as the A/C system to bring hot air directly into my living room! No more sleeping in front of the fireplace!

central cooling