My sister’s love of ac

It wasn’t easy adjusting to life after my brother passed away. After spending over thirty years on this Earth, I can tell you with certainty that my late brother was my best friend. We were joined at the hip growing up. We made the choice to go to the same private school and even the same university! I still remember the nice days, when my brother and I lived off-campus in a cozy little bungalow-style house.  The place was a university student’s dream – there was a set of hammocks on the front porch, the fridge was constantly stocked with cold beer, and our home’s central air conditioning was unbelievably cool! It was so cozy to fall asleep in the hammock outside during a warm summer day, only to then retreat indoors for a glass of ice water and a break in the air conditioned interior of the house. My brother enjoyed to give me grief when I commented on the air conditioning system at that house, as I was adamant about living in an housing complex near campus. He’d constantly say that if it wasn’t for him, I’d be covered in sweat in some hot studio apartment that only had a window-mounted A/C unit, which would really only work for one day out of the week. He was wise, my brother – he constantly seemed to know the right way to go, whether it was for his major, or for his residence while I was in university. These days, any time I drive by our old university campus, I see the little bungalow the two of us shared and feel nostalgic for those happier times. I suppose there’s some other people in that home now, enjoying the excellent indoor air conditions and those cozy hammocks on the front porch. Iit brings me peace.

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