I’m avoiding the major expenses

I seems like my wife, Caro and I don’t agree on anything. I mean we NEVER come to the same opinion.   It’s a constant battle between us to settle on a decision. As Carol and I began remodeling our home, we  learned that our taste and preferences are completely different. It was discouraging to shop for furniture or even paint colors and  get nothing accomplished. Carol and I just go back & forth butting heads. When it came time to upgrade our Heating & Air Conditioning system,  the debate over the model went on way longer than necessary because we couldn’t agree. Investing in a modern Heating & Air Conditioning system seems pretty straightforward.  Unfortunately, Carol and I are so stubborn & opinionated, it was a huge struggle. Carol and I finally come to a decision on a heating & cooling system. We scheduled a time for installation with the HVAC contractor.  And then we kept talking about it. Carol and I literally discussed the decision and debated over every little thing over and over again. Fortunately, once the HVAC equipment was installed, we were very happy with the results.  Carol and I were relieved to have project over with. Despite all the arguments, the HVAC system is ideal for our home. The furnace achieves a high AFUE, runs quietly and provides some wonderful safety features. The air conditioner offers an exceptional SEER, maintains a very even temperature and is effective at handling humidity.  The new HVAC system has lowered our monthly costs while improving the health and comfort of our home.