Christmas time heating

I love living in the south.  You can pretty much count on having some cold weather, but that is usually in December or in February.  When I say cold, I mean temperatures that are in the low fifties in the daytime. We have had years where we never even thought about needing heating because that cold weather was so fleeting.  I have never bought an ugly sweater to celebrate ugly sweater day. I do however, have several ugly sweater t-shirts. Last year, I wished I had an ugly sweater. We all had plans to go down to the beach and have a bonfire after our home yuletide celebration.  Let me tell you, we were a bit shocked when it was cold down there. The breeze coming from the ocean was so cold that we all went home. I was going to light my furnace, but nothing happened. I sat there wondering when the last time the heater had been used, and I knew it wasn’t  last year. I may not have used the heater the year before either. I never had a servicing done the heater, so I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for being cold right now. We found some space heaters and my girlfriend and I stayed pretty warm with them. Since we were fairly comfortable, we decided that we would wait until after the cold snap and have our furnace serviced.  It was seventy-two two days later, and the furnace was forgotten. Hopefully we’ll remember to have the furnace serviced next year. If not, we still have the space heaters.

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