Roommate wants no heating

I am so over my roommate.  She wasn’t even supposed to be my roommate, but I took pity on her.  She needed to have someplace to stay. She told me it would only be for a couple weeks at the most.  She supposedly had a good opportunity for a new apartment, and she just had to wait for the old tenant to move out.  That was over a month ago. She had quit talking about the new apartment and she seems to have moved in. She is even giving my address to her friends.  I’m not happy about any this. I came home from work the other day and she had changed the thermostat on me. I don’t allow anyone to mess with my thermostat.  I have a hard time with heating. My skin breaks out and gets blotchy if it is overly warm in my apartment. She had the thermostat set up to seventy. That is not cool and I went through the roof.  I pay for the energy bill and I have the right to say what temperature I want on the thermostat. She couldn’t understand my attitude. She said that she had a right to comfortable heating in the apartment, and I shouted, “NO!!  You do NOT!”. She said I was rude, but it is my apartment and she is not on the lease. She isn’t even living here. She is just squatting in my apartment. Last night, I had to tell her just that. I told her she had one week to get out and I didn’t care if she was on the streets.  I have put a lock box on the thermostat and I tossed some energy bills at her. I think enough is enough.

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