Cooling technology

Have you ever tried painting in the dark before? Unless you are looking for some kind of abstract and unusal outcome, I certainly don’t recommend it. As a professional painter, I can confirm that this is no easy task. Given all the issues I’ve had with the lighting in my home, you can imagine how much of a struggle it has been for me to get my weekly work done. I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep the lights on around here, but my furnace isn’t having it. My furnace has done everything short of coming to life and physically stopping the lights from turning on! The aged forced air furnace seems to have an electrical issue that takes my home from lovely and inviting to dark and gloomy within seconds. It all started this morning, when I was trying to finish my latest painting. The air was feeling a bit chilly and damp so I whipped out my smartphone and adjusted the temperature settings using our smart thermostat app. The controls synced on the app and I soon heard the sound of the furnace kicking into gear, and suddenly the room went dark. I couldn’t see a damn thing, plus the house was eerily silent without the air handler running. I ventured upstairs carefully, found a brilliant flashlight and went down to the basement where the circuit breaker was installed. The house was illuminated right away, plus I went over to reset the control device plus furnace for blastoff… Well, it was about a single minute into my painting when the heating system kicked on again, followed by complete darkness. Apparently, I’ve concluded, there’s a wiring issue in my furnace that zaps my circuit breaker every time energy hits the system.

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