My grandma is one fine old bird! She is much more fun to be around than many half her age. She is also strong, stubborn, has never been and still refuses to be a pushover. My folks say I take after Grandma and I consider that a huge compliment. I visit her fairly regularly, not only because we have much in common, but also because I need to satisfy myself that all her needs are met.

            Did I say my grandma was stubborn? For years we have been trying to convince her to replace her window AC unit and space heaters with an efficient HVAC unit. My cousin, an HVAC special would be able to cut us an excellent deal, and would also be willing to install the unit himself. She came to our house for a visit a few days ago, and we clearly saw how much she enjoyed the air quality provided by our HVAC unit. Again we broached the subject of getting her one such, and this time she was much less vocal about refusing the offer. So we devised a plan to surprise her.

           By this month end, we will get together the money to purchase Grandma’s new HVAC unit. Having done that, we will have to find some pretext on which to have her spend a day or two with us. While she is away from her own home, my cousin will get her new AC unit installed. And there it will be when she gets back home. I just hope she doesn’t decide to send it back!

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