Losing heating at my house

For weeks and weeks, I have been complaining about how the heat has not been working in my bedroom. It has been so chilly and I had to sleep in layers under at least 3 or 4 blankets just to make it through the night. It made getting up in the morning hours very challenging! However, I woke up this day with the opposite problem. We fortunately got the heat fixed the other week, which felt like a God send at first, however as soon as the heat started working, the weather began to get warm… Just last week, the temperature was so frigid that local schools were cancelled and the news suggested we stay inside. Now, we are back into the fifties! I did not get around to changing up the heat accordingly. I ended up sleeping with the windows open. This is a major waste of energy, however I don’t have control of the temperature control component from our family room, so I had to make the most of what was directly in my control. If you had asked this time last week, I would have never thought I would be grumbling about being too sizzling! All in all, the set up for heating in this dwelling is not ideal. If I wasn’t renting this locale, I would install a smart control unit. At the moment, only a single guy has control of the temperature settings for the whole dwelling. With a smart control unit, I would be able to adjust the temperature from my room in the middle of the night using my smartphone! Because I was unable to do this, I had to resort to the wasteful method of cracking the windows. I am thinking of suggesting this to the proprietor, but he can be a real cheapskate. I don’t see him buying into this idea to be honest.

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