Designing the heater and a/c equpiment

My friend Larry decided that instead of working for a HVAC company, he wanted to open his own HVAC contracting company.  He had all of his certifications and licenses and he was set. He asked me if I would be willing to work with him and build his website, while doing his SEO and his advertising.  I met Larry when I was in technical school studying graphic design and website development. He was in school for HVAC certification. That was many years ago, and although nothing romantic ever happened, we are best friends.  We hang out on the weekends and it keeps us from being bothered by people we really don’t like. I was more than happy to help him out with his HVAC business venture. He knew what he wanted for his logo, but he wanted it done professionally and he really wasn’t sure how to implement his ideas and put them down on paper.  Together, we came up with the perfect website for his HVAC contracting business. We did a lot of changes to the website and the SEO before we were both happy with what we had and then I posted it online. Within a couple of weeks of putting the website live, he was getting inquiry about his HVAC contracting business. He even got a really good job working with a local grocery store chain that was looking to update their HVAC system in the cooler section of their store.  Last week, his website made it in the top four in searches. He is already looking to hire three employees, increase his inventory and to buy a larger van to go along with his smaller van.

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