The prom cooling

Everyone I know, looks back at their senior prom as one of the highlights of their high school years.  I thought it would also be a highlight for me. I could think of nothing more than the black velvet dress dress my mom had bought for me.   I could picture my date in his tuxedo, and his new sneakers. We even had a limousines to take two couples and ourselves, so we could arrive in style.  Now, it has been twenty years later and I still remember the prom, but not for the wonderful times. We arrived at the prom and had our pictures taken as couples and a group.  We danced and laughed and had an amazing time. Right before they crowned the king and queen, I noticed that it was beginning to get very warm in the ballroom. We had rented a beautiful dance hall, and it seemed like the air conditioning had gone out.  Throughout the next half hour, with all of the kids in the room, the air conditioning wasn’t working and it was just getting hotter by the minute. Fewer kids were dancing and many of them were leaving. We had to wait for the limousine and my boyfriend got angry because he said the limousine was my fault.  He thought we could have driven and we would now be leaving. We broke up that night. This didn’t fix the air conditioning, so why fight. The other two couples and I hopped into the limousine that had the air conditioning running for us. We had a great time that night, but it had nothing to do with the prom or air conditioning.