The climate control settings

I know that it is odd for a man and a woman to be just best friends, but it was always how it was.  We grew up on the same street and walked to school together every morning. Shelly was a cool girl, and I found out that I really liked her company.  There were many times when I was fighting with a girlfriend, that I was able to turn to her for advice. I remember talking to her, on the phone, long after midnight, until one of our parents realized what time it was.  When we ended up at the same college, it just felt natural to move into an apartment with her, and share the expenses. We got along so well, and neither of us liked to have it overly warm in the house. We set the thermostat at seventy and we were really happy.  I was always trading out girlfriends, but I don’t remember her ever having long term relationships. She always had a date for dances and parties, but nothing was permanent. When I met my girlfriend Mary, our dating got pretty serious. Mary was spending nights in the apartment.  I didn’t say much when she would change the thermostat setting to seventy-five, because I didn’t want to upset her. Shelly didn’t like Mary messing with the thermostat. She said it was too warm, and we were the ones that had to pay the energy bills. I had to ask Mary not to touch the thermostat anymore.  She seemed to understand and she brought sweaters with her. Our relationship ended when we graduated. Now, I am married to Shelly.