Dog ruining our ac

Before I retired, I worked with someone who we had a lot of fun together. I had to laugh one afternoon. She came to work, and I noticed that most people were kind of shying away from her.  She got within a few feet of me and I knew the reason. She smelled quite strongly, of skunk. For anyone who has ever smelled a dead skunk on the road, it can in no way be as bad as what had happened to her. She had just let the dog out for a couple hours. The dog thought he was chasing a dog plus ran right up to the skunk. Naturally the skunk sprayed him. He took off plus ran right into my friend then tried to get the skunk spray out of his eyes, on his clothing.  Now, going into the apartment and stripping, only put that smell throughout the house. Luckily he had an air purification plan installed in his air conditioning. She had the AC on plus the fan as high as it would go, hoping to clear the air fully. She threw the clothes in the washer, along with various quarts of pickle juice and a massive box of baking soda. She thought he was all clear, but just in case, she made sure she had extra to scrub the dog. The apartment smelled good because the air purification system was doing its work, so she turned down the fan speed on the AC.  As she opened the door to go to work, the dog came up to her because he had been outside all afternoon. The rest is really history.

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