Toxic cleaners and air quality

I have a true bad habit of scrubbing our colorless tile floors with pure clorox.  I don’t like it when the grout begins to get grungy as well as the floor get a dull grey look to it.  About once a month, I will pull out the clorox and half a bottle gets dumped on the floor. Naturally, I scrub it back up several times with fresh water and then I wash the floors again to make sure there is no clorox residue at all on it.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the clorox leaves a distinctive strong aroma in the house. My partner calls it a wash scent, but I call it eye burning nightmare. I hate the stink and smell of clorox as well as I only use it because it is a necessity.  I’ve heard that toothpaste will easily wash the grime and grout, but who wants to spend hours on their hands as well as knees, cleaning the tiles with luxurious overpriced toothpaste. I’m not that into cleaning, as well as I won’t do it. Instead, I turn on the house ventilation fans as well as they help to pull the aroma smell out of the house. If possible, I try to save this kind of cleaning for a warm, sunny morning.  I can turn on the air conditioning as well as that will help to eliminate the bad aroma. Since my partner has added the air purification system to the Heating as well as A/C system, it doesn’t matter when I clorox the floors. The air purification system pulls out all of the bad awful and nasty aromas as well as leaves me with just a wash fresh scent. My floors now look really great as well as I have great air quality. I only wish that I had gone with a different tile instead.