Endless disruption

My favorite thing about working from home is that I don’t need to deal with other people.  There is no one running in and out of my office and there is no one to answer to. I shouldn’t say that so quickly because my husband also works from home.  Actually, my husband is retired and he stays at home most of the day. At any given time he can pop into my office and he nonchalantly takes a seat right next to me to ask how’s it going.  The other day, I heard an odd noise coming from the HVAC system. I thought it sounded like a vibration in the air duct; like a paper had gotten inside and it was fluttering with the airflow.  He made a major production of removing the air vent cover and cleaning everything out of the air duct. He had to tell me everything that he pulled out of there and he felt it necessary to get my attention and have me watch.  I was a bit upset because this really disrupted my work routine. When I was still working when he thought it should be bed time, he wanted to know why I didn’t schedule my time better. I had an entire week to get my project done.  I wanted to tell him that if he didn’t interrupt whenever he got bored, I would be have been done two days ago. If it hadn’t taken him an hour to remove the paper from air duct and to show me every piece of dust, I would have been done early today.  I smiled and told him that I enjoyed his company so much that it is better than sleep.

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