Falling sick

I have always been quite a healthy person. I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have been truly sick throughout my life. I also eat very healthy, so that helps me avoid illnesses like the common cold better than most people. That’s why, recently, when I began to feel quite ill nearly every day, I was truly perturbed at what could be the cause of this.It was in the midst of the summer, and I was not doing anything different and was eating what I always ate. I realized that whenever I left my house however, I would start to feel a whole lot more healthy. I decided to do some digging around my house for a potential cause to me feeling sick. I decided it might be because of my run down HVAC system. The HVAC unit is quite old, so I thought that it might be doing something to me. When I rooted around the old a/c unit however, I was grossed out at what I saw. A dense layer of mold was thriving inside of the super old heating and cooling system. This mold was being sent through the air ducts and into the air that I was breathing for who knows how long! I was quick to arrange for a brand new a/c unit to be installed. I could have cared less what the price would end up being. I sure am glad that I discovered the mold before it made me even more sick!

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