Working on the plumbing equipment

I just don’t think that there’s anything more disgusting than doing plumbing work. As a general rule, I’m really good at basic do it yourself kinds of projects. I’m a pretty good carpenter and a decent mechanic. I can work on electricity and I can do all kinds of landscaping work. Just name the job, and I can probably do it. Only please do not name the job of plumbing, because plumbing is where I have to draw the line. There’s just something about the gross dampness and the unknown yuckiness of pipes and plumbing and sewage that just gives me the willies. I just don’t even want to mess with it. When we have a plumbing issue at home, I don’t ever even try to fix it myself. I just get on the phone and call our local plumbing contractor to come over and do all of the dirty work for me. Toilets are disgusting, for sure, but I also find clogged shower drains and even sink drains to be absolutely disgusting to have to work with. I think it just makes more sense to pay the extra money and to let someone like a professional plumber who actually knows what he’s doing come out and fix my plumbing problems. Pipe issues, drain issues, and toilet issues (not to mention sump pump problems) can be caused by any number of things. I’m not going to pretend to know something about plumbing when I know absolutely nothing about it. I like to call a plumber who has all of the tools he needs right at his fingertips, even if it’s one of those fancy little cameras that they can run down pipes to check for breaks and leaks. In other words, I’ll pay for plumbing help. Everything else, I’ll just do myself.