Fireplace should be all set

My son is once again inside playing with his toy trucks.  I find it odd when I see him hanging around the house playing with his trucks all day long.  It’s not that I don’t like that he has such a hobby.. Having a hobby that he loves is important for his development. But, I find it odd how long he wants to hang inside playing and being by the heater.  I sit in my office, getting the job done, and I watch him. So I guess I am not quite so different. At least he is not outside in the Winter weather, chilly to the bone, and in pain. I also think that it will be absolutely disappointing if he was outside with no coat and access to heating. At least my son gets to enjoy the quality heating system and plays with his toy trucks all day long. That is healthier and it is easier to keep an eye on him. Yesterday, I turned the temperature control up and had the gas furnace running even more. I was wondering if the change in heat would affect his games.  I knew he would be shocked by the change. To my surprise, the added heat made my boy take his game outside. He went in the cold for an hour or two then came back to play. When he came inside, I had the fireplace roaring with his favorite drink sitting next to his chair. He then had his drink and went back to his game. I guess he is playing no matter what the condition is.

gas fireplace