HVAC system is super loud

I am a quiet person. This was good when our child was first born, as he was a light sleeper and could wake up from just about anything! Something as quiet as water running in the bathroom was loud enough to scare him, and then we would spend hours rocking him back to sleep. Though I can do just wonderful to avoid making sounds that would wake him up, I can’t say the same for our heating and air conditioning system! Seriously, I have never heard of an HVAC unit so loud that it sounds like a car engine, however, that is just what we have in our quaint small house. I’ve reached out to many heating and air conditioning specialists, companies and the like, just to see if they can do anything to quiet down the HVAC system, unfortunately, the heating and air conditioning unit is loud as a side effect of age more than anything else! Right now, I guess I might have to just cut down and trade the old heating and air conditioning unit for something a bit quieter – and newer. The old heating as well as cooling system doesn’t provide the best indoor air pollen levels or air quality to begin with, and even the best air filters do nothing to particularly improve the air quality inside our nice home. I’m sure my other half would agree that it’s for the best to just get a modern heating as well as cooling system, however otherwise, I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep up our days without the air conditioning unit running to keep us cool at all i’ll tell ya!

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