Fixing up the office

I’m super happy to announce to my wifey that I just got word that my last quote was accepted.  I will be the new supplier on an office building renovation in the historic downtown area. I’m taking her out to dinner tonight, to celebrate the success. We go to our preferred eating establishment, where the people I was with and I can sit by the fireplace plus like an exceptional meal.  That’s where I will tell her all about my brand new job. As a supplier, I will be fully in charge of the complete job that will entail numerous changes all throughout the building. Since the original building is quite old, it will be in need of a complete overhaul. The demolition of the building begins next month, and then the real grind begins.  Old HVAC equipment, air duct, plumbing, wiring plus numerous walls will be torn down. The floors are absolutely old and will get new tile, thank god. Because our section receives chilly rapidly increasing temperatures, I will have the radiant heat installed under the new floors. The radiant heating device will sit under the new floor, heating everything that it is close to.  Radiant heating is a technology for heating both indoor plus outdoor areas. We will place tubing under the floors, plus the water in the tubing radiates the heat. I’ve utilized radiant heat on other jobs, plus it is always well gained. To such a degree that I am planning to install radiant heat under the floor on my back porch. My wifey has been wanting me to just get the back porch remodeled.  Now it looks like that will happen sooner now than I thought.