Getting her a ductless air conditioner

It just might be worth the cold hard cash getting my mother a ductless mini split! My lovely mother is going through menopause and was in desperate need of AC in her room. My sister and I decided to get her a sit up cooling system unit; The portable AC component is not that portable though, but it is very tall and wide as a valley. Along with that, the cooling system is heavy and our mother does not want it in her room all year. My sister and I often are moving the AC unit all around. In the Winter every one of us have to lift the heavy unit up the attic stairs, and when Summer comes, we really need to drag it back down the stairs. It gets tiring after a short time and the AC system is not that superb. With a ductless mini split, our mother would not have to choose. If she got a sudden hot flash in the winter, she would not be screwed at all. If she needed any heating, she would not be in danger. A ductless mini split would mount right on her wall and give both heating and cooling as well. The best area is that the mini split would be there to stay for a while. My sibling and I would never need to transport it; Her ductless Heating and A/C unit would give the temperature control setting she needed. It also would not damage the hot and cold temperatures of the rest of the house. She could easily switch the AC whenever she needed and no one would ever know. It will be a considerable expense and hefty Heating and A/C replacement bill, then but, I am thinking that it might be worth it eventually

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