For emergencies

I remember when we were experiencing a terrible heatwave the other year. I felt that everything was fine because the A/C was working great and we were actually very comfortable as long as we didn’t go outside. Well, that’s when the power failed and I went into a state of panic when it started to become overheated inside of the house. Well, little did I know, my father had a backup plan for such an emergency. He hooked up the generator outside and hooked up a window A/C unit in the kitchen. I didn’t even know we had a window A/C unit to be honest, but this thing really cranked out the cooling air! He blocked off the doorways with thick blankets to keep the cooling inside the kitchen only. So we were basically hanging out in the kitchen enjoying the cooling air while the power was off for hours. We played card games and just talked. It was actually pretty fun hanging out surprisingly. My dad even hooked up a small TV in the kitchen that was also running off the generator. When the power eventually came back on, he turned off the generator and put it away. Everything went back to normal, but I thought how smart it was that my dad was prepared like that. While I thought we were going to roast to death inside of our own place, my father easily saved the day and we had an enjoyable time! I will definitely get a generator to run the heating and cooling equipment for emergencies when I am older.

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