Husband and Ex

So the craziest thing happened last week. We had been having some trouble with our air conditioning system and so I made a HVAC maintenance appointment with our local heating and air conditioning contractor. When the A/C maintenance technician showed up to check out our central air system, my husband and I were shocked to see who it was. The A/C maintenance technician turned out to be my ex-husband. Of course, we had no way of knowing that he was working at the heating and air conditioning company that is located right down the street from us! Otherwise, we never would’ve called that particular HVAC company! We were so surprised to see him standing on our doorstep that we didn’t really even know what to do. I was speechless at first, since I hadn’t seen my ex in over five years or so. Well, he and my husband had never really gotten along, and when my husband saw him there, he sort of flipped out. I tried to tell him to just calm down, because I really wanted to get our air conditioning fixed! I didn’t care whether it was by my ex-husband or some other random HVAC technician. But my husband certainly seemed to care. He told my ex-husband to get off of our porch and take his heating and air conditioning tools with him. Then my ex told my husband that if he were a real man, he’d be able to repair his own central air conditioning system himself! I thought they were going to get into a fistfight right there on our front porch.

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