My HVAC guy welcomed my Mom in the kindest fashion

I finally convinced my sweet old Mom to move off her mountain.  I wanted her to be closer to me but more so, I wanted her to enjoy the weather.  Where she lives, the winters are pretty ridiculous. My Mom can even get stranded for days at a time with no way to get what she needs.  She grew up like this so, this is nothing new. The HVAC system she has is of top quality and efficiency but doesn’t do much if the power goes out.  So, my siblings and I rallied up some money to put her in a tiny house near me for the winter. My Mom was not thrilled about the idea of leaving her home for four months.  But, she was excited to be in the sun. The week she moved in, our area experienced a weird hot stretch. The air conditioning had to come back on while we moved her in. Almost as the last box was lifted from the truck, the HVAC made a terrifying noise then quit.  So, here I have this lady I coaxed to come to the sunshine but she is sweating out the heat. My Mom is a proud lady and would not hear of an extended stay at my house. She said she would make do with fans. I called the HVAC man as soon as the heat pump blew. When he showed up to tell me the obvious, I was a bit heavy hearted.  The HVAC would need to be replaced. And, the HVAC man said it would be a minimum of three weeks until he could complete the install. I think he saw our faces fall at this last piece of bad news. Then the HVAC guy did something amazing. He offered to put 2 portable HVAC units in her house until the new HVAC system could be installed.  On top of that, he said he would do so at no charge to us. I think my Mom never felt more welcome.

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