Getting a new HVAC service plan

My husband and I had to buy a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.  My husband did a lot of research and he found out that system we bought, came with a ten year warranty on all parts and a one year warranty on labor.  The HVAC company offered us a service plan that included routine cleaning, maintenance and minor repair. My husband was a bit torqued about this offer.  Without accepting the maintenance plan, our new HVAC system warranty would be null and void. He told the service tech about this rule and the man just lowered his head and didn’t say anything.  We knew we had to purchase the agreement, but if I knew my husband, it was going to be cheaper than they quoted. During the spring, they came out and did a complete tune-up on our air conditioner and then in the winter, we had a tune-up on the furnace.  I looked over the service plan and I began to argue that it wasn’t necessary since the HVAC system was brand new. My husband shushed me and decided to talk with the HVAC technician who was in charge. We brought up some valid points and the man looked at my husband asked what business he was in.  My husband just replied that he was retired. The service tech laughed and asked if he would be willing to take the first year free of charge and then pay half price for the second year, but he had to buy the package right away. My husband smiled and told him to throw in a year’s worth of air filters and it was a deal.  They shook hands and the deal was sealed.

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