heating and air conditioning in the craft

I don’t know how many of you actually fly, but I used to fly all over the country when I owned my own business.  I didn’t mind flying back then, but I didn’t really like it either. When I retired from my business, I swore I would never get on a plane again.  I hated the food they served. I hated that the seat were so small that if you couldn’t get the seat belt on, they embarrassed you by producing a piece of extension so everyone could see.  The air quality was absolutely horrible and I doubt if it had become any better over the past five years. My daughter was getting married in a couple of weeks. We were expected to fly out for the wedding, but she wanted us there the week before the wedding so her mother could help with the preparations.  I refused to fly, but my wife said that she couldn’t get out of work and still have time to drive halfway across the country. She went ahead and bought the tickets. So, here I was in an airplane. I was stuffed into an aisle seat, like a sausage, my elbow getting banged whenever anyone goes by. My sinuses were acting overtime and I couldn’t get the air vents to do any good for me.  There was a screaming kids behind me and another that desperately needed to have its diaper changed. The air quality sucked and I couldn’t get the ventilation system to work. I prayed I would survive to be able to get off the plane and finally get some fresh air.

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