Getting some information on furnaces

I live in the south, and in the south, everyone around has a central air conditioner, which is entirely  straight-forward to operate; With central heating or cooling, you just have to make a single major decision. You have to decide whether you want the Heating and Air Conditioning component to be set on heating or on cooling; The rest is even easier than that. When I lived up in the north, as a little one, I can still remember how much harder the furnace was than central air conditioner is here now. With a furnace, our pop called in the oil dealer, plus they came out to the house plus filled up this large tank that was underground, then it was oil for the oil furnace. They also needed to go down into the cellar, which some people call a basement, plus light the pilot light for the furnace. If you didn’t light that pilot light, the furnace would not work at any case, my pop died when I was only two, so I am not sure at all, although I imagine that when he was alive he would have lit the pilot light for the furnace rather than paying someone to come over and do it… But our pop either did not know how or was too scared to light the furnace at the start of fall each year. I honestly have no thought or idea what a pilot light honestly does or honestly even how a furnace works. I remember every single one of us had radiators in every room, and then somehow the furnace heated them, as well as in turn the radiators heated the rooms. That’s the most I honestly know about furnaces because I live down in the south.

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