Glasses store has A/C turned up too high

I’ve had to wear glasses most of my life. I’m legally blind without them. So, I was a bit annoyed when I noticed that my glasses had a scratch on the lense. I have no idea how it happened; I wear the glasses all of the time. Anyway, I knew I had to go get my eyes checked and pick out some new glasses because my old prescription was expired. I went to one of those locals that has an optometrist and a wide selection of lenses all in one place. As soon as I walked in, I was hit with a blast of freezing air. At first, I thought it was nice that the air conditioning was on so high. But, as I waited to be seen by the optometrist I started to feel uncomfortable cold. Over a half hour later, I was done having my eyes checked and I had goosebumps. I wanted to pick out some nice frames so that I could get my new glasses as soon as possible but I was so uncomfortable that I decided to go to a different glasses store a few miles away. After all, the prescription would work anywhere. I was happy to get out of the air conditioning and warm up in the hot summer air. The next glasses shop had their A/C set to a much more reasonable temperature so I was comfortable browsing their selection before settling on a nice pair of glasses. I was annoyed to see that this store charged half what I had just paid for an eye exam. I know where I will be going next year for my glasses.

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