Hate a/c

I do not like air conditioning. I grew up without it, my parents grew up without it, it’s bad for the environment, it is unclear whether or not it’s bad for the people using it, need I go on? I mean not having air conditioning is basically a family tradition at this point in time. What possessed me then to ultimately purchase a central air conditioning system, you may ask. Well, there was a girl. There’s always something isn’t there. Anyway, there was a girl, who is now my fiance as a matter of fact. She grew up in a much hotter climate than I did, and where we live now is closer to my type of environment than to hers. We tend to have humid summers and very cold winters. Naturally our homes require a heating system, but not every house has air conditioning. The house we bought together as our first home was one such place. It had the necessary heating system, but no air conditioning of any kind. It was no problem for me, but when the summer rolled around that first year that we lived in the house, she was not happy. She bought a small A/C unit for our spare bedroom and started to sleep in there at night. The entire first summer went like that. We got engaged, and I just figured that I didn’t want my fiance having to sleep in another bed alone just because of air conditioning. I suggested we install central air conditioning in the house as our heating system was already capable of the conversion with little added expense. She was really excited, and I ended up buying an air conditioning system… Things change I guess.

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