Hate lisening to music with no a/c

The people and myself prefer the type of concerts that are held Outdoors. Would it be terribly difficult for some of the site to have a type of cooling plan? I wonder if it’s even very possible for some type of cooling plan to be efficient, even though running in the humid outdoor elements. Consistently, the weather can make viewing concerts rather difficult. The people I was with and myself genuinely love going to outdoor concerts that can last for several hours. You can almost always hear the music from everywhere in the venue, so the people I was with and myself spend a few hours walking around and visiting all of the extra boots. A few months ago, the people I was with and myself genuinely won tickets from the radio station to see our favorite band. We were as excited as we could be, and we were legitimately looking forward to the extravaganza. The people I was with and myself were lucky enough to have genuinely great seats, only about 5 or 10 yards away from the stage. Unfortunately, all of the excess heat from those Electronics made that area very warm as well as uncomfortable. Since there was no air conditioning method to help, most of us legitimately couldn’t stay in that area for more than a few minutes at a time. The people and myself spent several hours hanging out by the bathrooms, because the cooling plan worked inside. The people and myself will be more careful next time we schedule our concerts, so we won’t be stuck without any type of cooling plan.

air conditioning set up