Humidifier tune-ups

On St. Patrick’s Day, I went with a bunch of friends to a local bar. I really blacked out that night though because I drank way too much. The next day, I asked all my friends what happened. They seemed to be incredibly frustrated with me though, as they asked me if they should begin with me throwing a drink in a girl’s face, or the fight I started with the guy dressed up as a leprechaun! Now that sounded wild and hard to believe to me, but they said that I did throw the beer in her face. I asked how, and they told me I heard her say she was feeling hot in the bar and my drunken mind thought she would cool off with a fresh coating of beer. So dumb of me to think that, even when I’m drunk! The fight with the guy was a more pressing issue though. Apparently, I was complaining about the bar being too hot, and that guy in costume disagreed with me and called me names. I kept asking him to chill out, but apparently he wanted to lay into me for throwing a drink in a girl’s face. I guess things got out of hand, because my friends said the guy actually dumped his drink on my head! That’s when I tackled the guy to the ground, but my friends were quick to tug me off of him and carry me out of the bar. I still can’t believe I got so rowdy and violent, all over being too hot! I’ll be sure to pick a much cooler bar for the next night out, but I think I’ll need to earn the trust of my friends before I can make that happen again.

furnace tune-up