The heat pump update

I live in a very hot and humid area of the country.  It seems like summer lasts nine months a year and then the temperature never really get cold, even in the dead of winter.  I can’t remember even a night time temperature getting below forty degrees. The thing is that now my air conditioner is no longer working as it should.  The energy bills are getting so high that I can barely afford them. I know that my air conditioning unit isn’t working like it used to. I have been looking to see what I could get to replace my old AC.  I had given some thought to installing ductless mini split AC units into every room. I gave it some thought, but I didn’t like the idea that I had to adjust individual thermostats in every room. I would need to change the temperature when I went in and again when I came out.  I wanted the ability to set one thermostat and have the entire house the same. I was talking to a friend who asked me if I had considered getting a heat pump. I could still have Zone Control, but there was one main thermostat. The heat pump worked by pulling the heat out of the house and pushing it outside.  If there were a few colder days, you could reverse the process. As long as it doesn’t go below freezing, the heat pump will pull the ambient heat from the outside and blow it inside. These are very efficient pieces of equipment. Although the heat pump is expensive, it runs so efficiently that I could recoup my money in about eighteen months.

ductless heat pump