Heating idea is awful

I have been dating our new bestie for a couple of weeks now. Both of us met at a labor conference a couple of weeks ago down south where I am from. She is from the northwest and was so thrilled to come down south and think the moderate weather, since it was something she is not used to this time of year. Well, Last year my new bestie provided to pay for me to come up and see him. I was also going to get to finally meet her family. I was excited to go up there, however also upset because I don’t deal with frigid weather unquestionably well at all. I only own one sweater and it’s moderate at all.I did a little shopping, however I had no plan what I was really getting myself into. When I walked out of the airport I was in shock, however thankfully she had the heat blasting in the car for the ride home. HIs parents were laughing at me because I was complaining about the frigid weather, they said not to worry because they had radiant flooring in their home. Being from the south I had never heard of radiant flooring, however was exciting to see this new way to heat your home. My home growing up didn’t even have a heating idea because it never got frigid enough to turn it on.I hope that her family doesn’t suppose I am ridiculous when I see the radiant flooring for the first time, however they were nice and didn’t laugh at me too much.

heating idea