Heating system on already

Lately, I have been hearing the sounds of scratching and some scampering sounds coming from under our home.  I called the exterminator and I asked them to come look under the house. We totally in shock to find out that we had an armadillo living underneath our home.  He had to get out a trap and take it away from our home. While she was under the house, she also saw that our ductwork looked like it was falling apart. She recommended that we call the HVAC company and have them come check out our ductwork.  I was wondering if the armadillo had done damage to the ductwork, because we hadn’t been noticing any changes in the air conditioning in the house. We called the HVAc company and they came out the next day. After a thorough inspection he said that our ductwork was actually falling apart and the problem had been ongoing for quite some time now.  They sealed the ductwork, and they had to put some new panels in to replace those that were the worse. I wasn’t very happy when I saw how much I had to pay both the exterminator and the HVAC company. He told us that it may have been expensive, but we could expect to see a big difference in our energy bills from here on out. I am no longer pumping all of our cold air outside, so I’m happy about that.  I’m hoping my air conditioner will last for a long time, and this should help to protect it.

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