The cooling will hardly work

I must have gotten used to living with lousy air conditioning.   My air conditioner barely keeps my house ten degrees cooler than it is outside.  I guess I began to think this should be normal, and then my favorite uncle called and asked me to come visit and enjoy his birthday party with him.  I was the first to arrive, because I told him I would help get things ready for the party. I was surprised at how cool and comfortable his house was.  The AC wasn’t nearly as loud as mine, and it kept the entire house cool. That night, I had no intentions of spending the night, but I had a couple of beers and I was tired, so my uncle insisted that I stay over.  The next morning, we sat at the table, and we chatted a while. I had slept better than I had in months, because it was so cool in the house. On the way home, all I could think about was calling the HVAC company and having them come out and fix my air conditioning, or put in a new AC unit if it was necessary.  When they showed up, I was surprised at how short a time they spent there. It was a few simple adjustments, and they changed the air filter. It seemed like I was feeling and hearing, a whole new AC unit running. The air was cooler, when it came out of the air vents. I began to wonder why it took me so long to call the HVAC company and get the AC fixed.  Maybe it just took seeing my uncle to make me realize there was something wrong with the AC.

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