Hiring HVAC company to install new water heater

My wife and I knew things would be different, when we decided to move into a small town. The population of our region is only around 1,000 people. There are only a few different places to shop, and only a few professional service companies. Since we only have one Plumbing provider in the area, they can often be busy with repairs. After a recent storm passed through our neighborhood, the plumbing provider was very busy with repairs. My wife and I needed a new water heater installed in our home. We purchased the water heater on the local hardware store. My wife and I called the plumbing provider to set up an appointment to have the new water heater installed. Unfortunately, we found out that it would be at least a week until the new water heater could be installed. The plumbing company gave us the number for a local HVAC provider. The HVAC provider wasn’t as busy as the plumbing company, because the weather around here is cool and comfortable. The HVAC provider was happy to help us with the setup and installation of our new hot water heater. They asked if we were referred by the local plumbing company. I didn’t realize that the HVAC provider would be able to help us with plumbing issues, but now we know. In the future, we have a couple of different business professionals that we can call in the event of an emergency. It’s nice to know that the HVAC provider is available for help with more than just our Heating and Cooling needs.