Hoping for more a/c

When I went to the Barnes and Noble the other afternoon, I was there to gather notes for a research paper. Well when I went into the site, it was actually sweltering inside! I went to the service desk to ask about increasing the air control unit… I was hoping that they could at least get the cooling system working a little bit to make it more comfortable inside. I was told that they were not allowed to adjust the settings on the control component however. I was genuinely disappointed but I went to get a few books to learn regardless. It was important that I was able to get my research done for my paper. Well, after about 15 seconds of being in that Barnes and Noble attempting to study, I was actually fed up with the boiling climate control settings, then eventually, I just shouted out loud that it was simply boiling hot in there! Other customers hushed me, but I just stormed out of there and took the books that I already purchased. I figured it would be a lot easier to learn at my apartment where I could at least crank the cooling system up and I wouldn’t have to suffer while I was doing my research. This little situation at the Barnes and Noble reminded me how important it is to be genuinely comfortable when you are doing your work, especially when you need to focus on any type of assignment such as research for a university paper! Moving forward, I will probably work on assignments at my apartment so that  I can control the control unit.

a/c worker