Window a/c is having some issues

These gentlemen have really grown on me for the most part if I’m being honest, but they still irritate me from time to time… Recently, I got a new air conditioning system window component because I was always so hot in my room… I installed the new air conditioning system window component in my room and it sure made my room comfortable. It made it so much easier for me to learn and be relaxed, and while the household truly did have central air, the air conditioning system wasn’t working for the longest time. It would have been nice for everyone to pitch in to have it fixed, or if the property owner could have repaired it, that would have been great… But nobody seemed to have any interest in having it fixed, so I took matters into my own hands and got myself that little air conditioning system window unit. When everybody saw how relaxed I was thanks to my perfectly cooled room, they wanted in on the air conditioning system action. Before I knew it, all my roommates wanted to hang out in my room all the time. I was alright with it at first but after awhile it started to become a little bit irritating! Even when I wasn’t home, I would come back to my room to find crumbs on my bed and things moved around. It was clear that my roommates would go into my room to use my cooling system when I wasn’t even there and that was not cool! I confronted everybody and said if I find that anyone goes in my room without my permission again, all of us were going to be fighting! After that everybody made sure to ask permission before coming in my room to use my cooling system.

HVAC workman