Hoping they will take our boiler

My sibling Fiona and me had a rough of a time moving our broken down boiler out of the house… The boiler had worked for an honestly long time. Slowly over the years it did not work so well anymore, but it still provided heating, just not enough! Fiona and me then obtained an electric heating system that went well with the boiler. The boiler then died last year and we are finally getting around to it. The boiler is so outdated that the HVAC company we use doesn’t want it. They said all the parts on the gas furnace are obsolete. The condition of the gas furnace equipment is not too good either. Since it was in our basement for over 15 years, the outside of it is rusted to all hell. They can’t even reuse the metal on future HVAC systems… Getting the boiler out of our basement, up the stairs, into my sibling’s truck then to the dump was a whole project, then unhooking a heating unit that has been attached since the stone age was not an easy task. The writing hand molded as well as burned together. The boiler was basically stuck to the floor! Also, the gas furnace was ridiculously heavy… Everyday we would transfer the boiler another inch. The process of taking it up the stairs required a few other folks to help us out. Then, once every single one of us finally got the boiler to the dump, our complications were solved, but who ever heard of a HVAC company that does not want your outdated broken down HVAC equipment? I thought they would have gladly taken it from me.

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