How our oil heater worked

As soon as I walked in the door after a long day, last Friday night, I noticed the sticky, muggy feeling awaiting me inside. I had expected to be met with a cooling blast of air conditioned bliss when I entered the front door.  Instead, the inside of my beach house was just as musty as the sticky southern summer season outdoors. Immediately. I strode to the Heating and A/C control panel and turned the temperature down. The numbers on the screen immediately dipped and I anxiously anticipated the cooling air to blast out of my Heating and A/C vents and engulf me in a restful Arctic blast. Nothing.

               Then I changed out of my uniform and waited some more. Still nothing. The inside of my beach house felt like a dump. I flicked on my ceiling fans and started tinkering with my Heating and A/C unit. There surely must be a reset button or something. Then youtube provided a few ideas, but I honestly had no idea what I was looking at.  I was in a bag of trouble. There’s no way I could stay in my beach house at these temperatures. It was risky and uncomfortable. I needed help.

             Flipping through my files, I located the number to my Heating and A/C provider. They answered quickly and sent a Heating and A/C person out immediately for emergency a/c repair. The Heating and A/C company arrived within an hour, and he had my plan up and running in quicktime. Soon, cool, refreshing air once again wafted through my rooms and my beach house no longer reminded me a desert. I was so grateful for quick, quality help and for a working air conditioning!

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