This is not my idea of a fun time

I have lived on the west coast for my entire life. I grew up here, graduated from college here, have friends and family here, and work here. After working my way up in my field and making a name for myself, I have been offered a particularly lucrative position with a firm on the east coast. It requires that I have to move across the country to take this new position, but it is very much worth doing so. It would really get my name on the map in my industry and set me up for some upper echelon roles down the road. I’m not very psyched to move to the east coast but I think I will be able to get along fine once I get adjusted. I know the people on that side of the country have a reputation for being rude but people here are rude behind your back, so perhaps the former is better. The weather will probably be the toughest thing to get used to. It can get pretty brutally cold during the middle of winter on the east coast which is something we just don’t deal with out here. Winter will be tough to deal with. Having to use a furnace to keep warm and staying indoors is not my idea of fun times. I know it isn’t like that all the time, but it just feels like it will be depressing no matter what. I will have to make sure to get a place with a good HVAC system installed including both a furnace and air conditioner.

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