HVAC causing some issues

For the longest time it feels like, I wanted to replace to radiant radiant heated floors, my wife on the other hand thought both of us should just get an Heating and A/C plan with rapid heating plus cooling. I could see the pros of rapid heating plus cooling, however from what I already knew much about radiant heated floors, this was the heating plan of the future! Who wouldn’t prefer having toasty floors everywhere in their living area? The energy savings from such an efficient heating plan were relaxing plus I was jealous when I heard people talking about their tiles being warm and comfortable in the nights! Our tiles are constantly freezing plus I dislike getting that shock from the tiles when I get out of the shower early in the day! My wife was so pissed off when I decided to get the radiant radiant heated floors, she went to stay with her mother for awhile. I felt she was being dramatic although she was just livid, so what if both of us didn’t get her rapid heating plus cooling, but later on I talked to her and finally decided I would meet her half way plus go with rapid cooling for the cooling system system, however they switched out the HVAC system and had everything set to go. Now both of us had a nice radiant heated flooring plan for our heating needs plus an energy efficient cooling unit with rapid cooling. She was very pleased about all of that, and now both of us are getting along well. I almost thought both of us were going to get a divorce when I opted for the radiant radiant heated floors, but now she says she is stoked that we got them!

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