Rainy days

The rain seems to be a never ending part of life in our region of the country… I’m cooped up indoors while a monsoon comes down around us and floods the streets. In no time at all, I end up stranded in the house for the duration of the weekend! It can be pretty frustrating to deal with, but I’m thankful to have an excellent heating and cooling system that will keep myself and others in my family comfortable. Despite the increased humidity that comes with the endless flow of rain in our area, our home’s heating and cooling system is also equipped with one of those dehumidifier systems; This is invaluable for keeping our home comfortably dry, as the home would be far too “moist” for our liking otherwise! Plus, without the dehumidifier, the heating system would just make myself and others in my family be hot while the cooling system unit would only serve to make the walls recognize chilly and damp. The excellent ventilation system also works nicely to keep the indoor air pollen quality levels from suffering and becoming stale. I can thank a few people for our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit staying in enjoyable shape, then first would be our official heating and cooling system repair company, who suggested that I invest in the dehumidifier for our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit and also maintains our heating and cooling system equipment, but second, would be me, myself and I! After all, I’m the one changing out the air filter every single month.

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