I am not worried about this

I own a great deal of real estate all around the city.  The responsibility can be rather overwhelming sometimes.  Of course, as a result of owning buildings for rent, I make quite a bit of income.  However, a good share of that cash just seems to go right back into the properties. I realize that this  is unavoidable. I’d love to make more of a profit, but there is always repairs and upkeep which need to be paid for.  Because I take good care of the properties, I do have some beautiful and modern apartments and office spaces for rent. In fact, I have a 3 bedroom home in a fantastic location  available. It’s right on the outskirts of the city. It’s in pristine condition. I just finished a huge renovation project which included most of the home. Along with a brand new kitchen,  I even went to the extra expense of finishing the basement. It can now be used for extra living space. It was quite a lengthy project. I discovered an issue with radon gas that needed to be dealt with before I could proceed. There were a few obvious and large cracks in the foundation.  This was where the radon gas was leaking inside. Since radon is odorless and colorless, I had no idea of the problem until I brought in a detection kit. Radon gas is very dangerous and can cause of lung cancer. Resolving the problem was a priority. I called in professionals who installed a ventilation pipe with a fan, and that was the end of it.