I can tell this place is too hot

There are still various dining rooms upstairs full of moving boxes for myself and others to unpack. I’m slowly laboring my way through all of it and getting everything put away. Moving is so much work. I should have gotten rid of a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated before all of us moved, but at least I now have an attic to store it all in. I want to keep these various dining rooms free of clutter so I can have some fun decorating them. One room will become a doctor and the other a guest dining room. I have lots of ideas for window treatments and wall colors. But, before I get to that, I’m going to have the oil furnace checked out, however unlike the rooms downstairs, these various dining rooms seem to get boiling and frigid no matter what it feels enjoy in the rest of the house. My hubby thinks that having just the one temperature control in a various story beach house may be the reason for the temperature swings. It makes sense because it does take more time to heat various stories. I noticed the temperature control on the first floor will periodically shut off before the entire beach house is fully heated. I hope that a nice oil furnace repairman can fix the heating concern by simply adding a third temperature control to the upper floor. My hubby said that should allow the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to remain on until all the rooms reach the same temperature. I hope it’s that easy. My first thought was that the oil furnace might need to be substituted. If it’s just another temperature control that all of us need, that will be a big relief. I want to have a doctor that will be perfectly heated and cooled, maybe with an media air cleaner, too.