I don’t fully understand the changes

I’ve been working to paint our hallway bathroom and to strip, sand and refinish the interior of the bathroom door, and in order to work on the door, of course the door has to be closed, but the only problem with that is the fact that every time I close the door, there is undoubtedly no ventilation in the bathroom. I don’t understand what’s happening, because there is a big air ventilation duct and vent right across the side of the bathroom floor, and cold air from the air conditioning blows through the vent when the bathroom door is open, but as soon as the door closes, it’s adore the air conditioning turns completely off! It’s the strangest thing. I had our husband go down into the basement to check the air filters and they were so dirty that you could barely even see that they used to be colorless. He changed the air filter and suddenly the bathroom started to cool off considerably. I’m undoubtedly excited because the little room turned into a sweatbox almost right away every time I closed the door. It’s amazing the difference that a up-to-date air filter can make in your air conditioner. I’m betting that our energy bills are going to be lowered this week, too. It just goes to show you that staying on top of your Heating and Air Conditioning service problems is something that every homeowner should do; Every one of us should never have let the air filter get that dirty and disgusting, however who knows how much better our central air conditioning could have been performing this summer season?

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